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We are a recruitment specialist in Malaysia that matches candidates with the right job opportunities, across a range of industries. We provide consulting services to candidates for ease of job-finding, through listening and understanding of every candidate’s career goals. We aim to connect candidates with various employment, self employment, contract, part time and internship opportunities, depending on what they are looking for.

For those seeking employment, we offer not only local opportunities, but overseas opportunity as well. Our local opportunities are mainly in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. As for overseas opportunity, we are currently only servicing the Cambodia market. However, we aim to expand our services into other regions as well.

Interested in work and travel? Candidates that are interested in working and travelling at the same time in countries such as Australia and New Zealand may opt for a Working Holiday Visa. We provide guidance for candidates for each and every step on the process required in obtaining the visa.

We also assist candidates that are more interested in being self employed. For those who prefer working in their own time, this will be the right opportunity for you. We will help candidates in finding the right freelancing opportunity and also connect them with the chance to be involved in small businesses.

For candidates that may not be able to commit in permanent roles, we will connect them with contract and part time jobs that will fit their schedule. Those seeking internship opportunities, especially university students, may also seek our services to obtain a relevant internship experience.

Regardless of what candidates are looking for, we are here to provide the right solution for the job-seeking needs out there. Look no further and let us assist you in making your job-finding experience as successful and as hassle-free as possible!

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